Ink Card Certification: Unleash Your Fingerprinting Potential

Do you aspire to leave a lasting impression in the fingerprinting industry? Are you seeking an opportunity that educates and empowers you while offering boundless potential for growth? Your search ends here with the comprehensive Ink Card Fingerprinting Certification Course the National Live Scan Association (NLSA) offers.

Comprehensive Training Program

In this comprehensive training program, we equip ambitious professionals like yourself with all the skills and knowledge necessary to become proficient ink card fingerprint technicians. With a focus on using the standard FBI FD-258 Ink Card, this course covers everything from history and basic concepts to practical techniques, legal requirements, ethical considerations, marketing strategies, and more.

Importance of Ink Card Fingerprinting

Why is ink card fingerprinting such a crucial practice? Well, fingerprints are vital in maintaining public safety across various sectors. Clear and accurate fingerprints are essential, from background checks for employment purposes to licensing applications or criminal investigations. As an NLSA-Certified Ink Card Fingerprinting Technician through our rigorous courses:

1. You’ll Learn Tried-and-True Techniques

We believe that excellence lies within theoretical understanding and hands-on proficiency! Our expert-led virtual sessions that start on Monday, August 7th & 28th, and Monday, September 18th, will take you step-by-step through capturing high-quality prints consistently—no smudges allowed!

2. Dive into Legalities & Ethics

Understanding privacy regulations isn’t optional; it’s mandatory when handling sensitive personal data during any investigation process involving individuals’ identities.

3. Experience Marketing Mastery

Marketing doesn’t have two sides – if it’s done right, there should only be one side focused purely on results. Successful businesses know how important effective promotion channels can be…we teach yours!

4. Partner Services & Advanced Skills

We’re here every step of your journey toward success! In addition, The NLSA offers more services to complement your primary fingerprinting offer. These include FBI Identity History Summary Checks, submitting FBI report requests, and Apostille services in one knowledge-packed course.

Transform into an Industry Trailblazer

Upon completing our Ink Card Fingerprinting Certification Course, you’ll emerge as a force to be reckoned with! Whether establishing your thriving Live Scan or Ink card fingerprinting business, achieving self-employment for extra income, or staying abreast of emerging trends and technologies – we’ve got you covered!

Exclusive In-Person Certification Course

So don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers—join us on Saturday, August 12, 2023, at the National Corporate Office in Los Angeles (Culver City, CA) for an exclusive In-Person Certification course that will take your skills to new heights.

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Let’s elevate ourselves and the entire world of mobile fingerprint identification—one trusty print at a time!

(888) 498-4234 | JW Reed, Jr. is the CEO & Founder of the National Live Scan Association (NLSA). His passion for the fingerprinting industry and commitment to education have positioned NLSA as a leading authority in the field. Under his leadership, NLSA empowers members to achieve professional excellence.