Starting an Ink Card Fingerprinting Business: A Guide to Success


If you are considering starting an ink card fingerprinting business, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s article examines ink card fingerprinting and explores this business venture’s possibilities.  

One valuable resource is the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA), where the members can take advantage of extensive support and guidance for those entering the industry.  

With the NLSA as your partner, your journey toward building a successful ink card fingerprinting business becomes more accessible than ever before. You can find more information at or call (888) 498-4234 today.

Understanding the Ink Card Fingerprinting Business

Ink card fingerprinting is a well-established method for capturing fingerprints onto specified FBI-approved card stock (FD258 Fingerprint card). Despite the rise of digital technology, ink card fingerprinting remains an integral service for various industries and government agencies.  

Medical professionals, law enforcement agencies, security firms, and background check companies rely on accurate ink card fingerprinting services.

Advantages of Ink Card Fingerprinting

1. Lower Start-Up Costs: Unlike Live Scan machines, ink card fingerprinting requires a minimal initial investment, making it an appealing option for those starting.

2. Increased Demand: While digital technology grows in popularity, there are still specific scenarios where ink card fingerprinting is required. This demand ensures a consistent flow of customers to your business.

3. Certification Programs and Training: The National Live Scan Association® offers comprehensive certification programs and training resources to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide top-notch ink card fingerprinting services.

Working with the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA)

The NLSA is a leading organization that plays a vital role in advancing the professionalism and credibility of the fingerprinting industry.  

Offering our members a range of benefits, resources, and support, making them an ideal partner for anyone looking to start an ink fingerprinting business. Some of the advantages of joining the NLSA include

1. Expert Guidance: As a member, you gain access to a network of industry-leading professionals who can address your queries and provide valuable insights to help you navigate the challenges of starting and scaling your ink fingerprinting business to the next level.

2. Training Programs: The National Live Scan Association® comprehensive online and in-person training programs are facilitated by highly skilled and knowledgeable industry leaders and NLSA-Certified™ Technicians to ensure you have the advanced knowledge and skillset to deliver high-quality fingerprinting services.

3. Networking Opportunities: Networking is crucial in any industry. The NLSA facilitates connections with other like-minded professionals and encourages the sharing of ideas, fostering collaboration and potential business partnerships.

4. Industry Updates: Stay informed of the latest regulations, standards, and technology developments through the NLSA’s regular email newsletters and digital resources.


Starting an ink card fingerprinting business can be an advantageous venture, both financially and professionally.

Venturing into the ink fingerprinting domain isn’t just about seizing a business opportunity; it’s about embracing an industry that merges technology with security and personal touch. The potential for financial gain and professional growth in this sector is undeniable.

With the unwavering backing of the National Live Scan Association® (NLSA), every aspiring entrepreneur has access to an arsenal of resources and knowledge. This support system ensures that you’re not just starting a business from day one but building a foundation for long-term success.

However, like any thriving enterprise, it’s not solely about the industry or the tools. The heart of a successful business lies in the drive of its founder. Determination, relentless effort, a keen eye for opportunities, and a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled service are cornerstones of success in the fingerprinting realm.

The journey of building a reputable ink card fingerprinting business is challenging yet immensely rewarding. And remember, you’re not alone on this journey. The NLSA stands ready to assist, guide, and champion your cause.

So, are you ready to move forward? Dive deeper into the world of ink fingerprinting and explore the myriad of opportunities waiting for you. Visit the NLSA’s official website at or schedule a call with one of our NLSA Ambassadors™ at http://LiveScan.Chat. Your fingerprinting journey begins now.

(888) 498-4234 | JW Reed, Jr. is the CEO & Founder of the National Live Scan Association (NLSA). His passion for the fingerprinting industry and commitment to education have positioned NLSA as a leading authority in the field. Under his leadership, NLSA empowers members to achieve professional excellence.